Recipe: Bailey sweet tart cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: Bailey sweet tart cheesecake


This cake, I waited for a year. The perfect combination of Baileys and cheese, biting into the soft, creamy and fragrant raisins inside, is even more recognized as my favorite heavy cheesecake! happy first anniversary! Share with you! This side is suitable for 6-inch live bottom die fire up and down 160 ° C, middle and lower layer, sitting bath, about 60 minutes.



  1. 50 grams of raisins were soaked overnight with 40 grams of Baileys.

  2. The 6-inch round mold is coated with a layer of butter for anti-adhesive treatment; 80 g of digested biscuits in a fresh-keeping bag is crushed with a rolling pin and mixed with melted butter. Spread the 6-inch live bottom mold with a spoon and keep it evenly.

  3. Add sugar sugar insulation water (about 70 ° C) to the softened cream cheese at room temperature and stir with a hand blender until there is no obvious granules.

  4. Place the lukewarm, add the whole egg and add one egg twice and stir until evenly, then add an egg and mix evenly.

  5. Add lemon juice and mix well

  6. Add corn starch and mix well

  7. Add yogurt, 40 grams of Baileys and stir well; stir the soaked seeds with a spoon, pour the cake paste and mix well.

  8. Pour the cake paste into the mold that lays the bottom of the cake, and then wrap two layers of tin foil in the mold. Pour hot water into the baking tray, and the water should be higher than half of the cake paste.

  9. Place the mold on the baking tray and bake it in the preheated oven for about 60 minutes until the surface of the cake is golden.

  10. After being naturally cooled, it was placed in a refrigerator for 4 hours to release the mold.


After the espresso is soaked, the berry will condense together and need to be stirred before pouring into the cake.

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