Recipe: Bailey Sweet Milk Roll Roll Package

Home Cooking Recipe: Bailey Sweet Milk Roll Roll Package


I was fascinated by the sweet and fragrant wine of Baili and the sweet milky scent. I didn't see the right Bailey sweet bread recipe _(┐"ε:)_ and then. The brain hole is wide open. With reference to the condensed milk bread of light, I made a new attempt to change it!! Unexpectedly delicious!! Unexpected soft girl!! When baking in the middle of the night, the whole person is drunk in the wine and milk fragrance~~~ The feeling of shredding in the pound cake mold is particularly good for you! It will disappear when you don’t pay attention to the bread~~~ Baili sweet will volatilize after baking, so the alcoholic parents please increase the Bailey sweet as appropriate. Proportion, reduce the amount of milk. (For example, Amao is preparing to try more drinks again!) It can also be paired with Mimi's Pali Sweet Latte!! Super!! Choose two types of surface sauce, save time If you don't save effort, you can directly brush Bailey sweet. However, the conscience recommends cherry milk sauce, it is really super delicious!!! The milk is especially strong!!! Try it must not regret it!!! Portal: https://www. Finally. Can you make an appointment? ٩(.・ω・.) و***************** ******************* Please see tips!!!*********************** *************



  1. Put high-gluten flour, powdered sugar, salt, and yeast into the bread machine. (Yeast and sugar are separated as much as possible) Milk and Bailey sweet are poured along the walls of the bread machine.

  2. Choose a facet program. (I used the Panasonic bread machine, choose the program 12, knead for 15 minutes) ** If there is no bread machine, you can also hand to the dough smooth.

  3. Cut the butter into small pieces and place it in the bread machine after the kneading process is over. Select a facet program again. ** If you have a handkerchief, you will find that the film is not easy to break.

  4. After the kneading is finished, remove the dough from the bread machine and ferment it into a cooking bowl to double the size. Please be gentle (つд⊂)! Don't pull hard! ! !

  5. Pour a proper amount of peregrine in a small bowl. Take out the fermented dough and gently pressurize the vent. Use a rolling pin to form a square. (The width should be slightly smaller than the pound cake mold you want to use)

  6. Brush the sweetness from one side of the square and brush about three-quarters of the area. Roll up from the section of the brush, and try to roll it tightly.

  7. The long roll is divided into two pieces of dough having a thickness of about 2 cm, and arranged in a pound cake mold. It is also possible to brush less and less sweetness between the two pieces.

  8. The second fermentation is twice as large. Remove the surface and spread the sauce. Recommend cherry milk sauce! ! (Please refer to the above portal!!) Or you can continue to brush Bailey sweet ~~~ (this is so persistent!)

  9. The oven is preheated to 180°. Bake for about 15 minutes. If you find that the color is fast/dark, cover the tin foil immediately! ! Japanese-style bread is still a good-looking color~~~(The appearance of the party association is the original form of Lulu (๑ ̄∀ ̄๑))

  10. After the baking is finished, the mold is slightly cooled. I want to sift some icing sugar to increase the yan flavor when I eat (zai)! !


1. The ratio of milk to bailey sweet can be adjusted according to your own preferences. In short, the total amount will not change. Of course, the amount of liquid is also related to the choice of flour. So please watch your own discretion increase or decrease! 2. In the summer, it is recommended to use the milk directly in the refrigerator to lower the temperature of the dough. When the bread is rubbed, I usually open the lid. 3. When the dough is taken out of the bread machine, please be gentle. ~~ Do not pull hard. The dough may be softer. 4. When brushing Bailey sweet, you can let it absorb more than two times and increase the concentration. 5. When the dough is rolled up, it must be tighter! ! Tight! ! Otherwise it is easy to fall apart. . . It is easier to divide by line, but the cutter can also be used, but it may be deformed (if it is flattened, it will be put into the mold again!) 6. The surface of the spread is more smeared and more intense! ! When baking, it can be colored and can be covered with tin foil~~ (If you like light bread too~~~7. My pound cake mold size is 222mm*91mm*62mm. 8. Perri sweets after baking The taste will be volatilized, so you can add more and more!! Or eat a great stick with the Bailey sweet latte!!

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