Recipe: Bailey Sweet Coffee Jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Bailey Sweet Coffee Jelly


Compared to yesterday's first hot day, it is obviously much cooler today; make a cup of ultra-simple drink, cool and refreshing.



  1. Gelatine tablets/powders are soaked in ice water; brew a cup of plain coffee in advance (preferably cooled), pour 100ml into a small pot, and leave the rest in the cup;

  2. Heat the coffee to about 60°, add the gelatin tablets until it is melted, then pour it back into the cup and mix well.

  3. Take out the coffee Jelly, add the Bailey liqueur and stir it, let the coffee's bitterness and the sweetness of the cream, the mellowness of the whiskey blend together, the taste is great!


The melting point of gelatin is about 60 degrees. If the temperature is too high, the coagulation power will be weakened. Therefore, do not overheat; the coffee Jelly can be solidified to 80%, and the shaking cup has the best effect of duang~duang~. With a straw, you can also use a coffee spoon; use Bailey liqueur with coffee to have a flavor, plus more and less to see the amount of personal wine; if there is no Bailey liqueur, use whipped cream / milk / milk + sugar (sugar + water) =1:1 heating and cooling) seasoning; coffee Jelly's method is very simple, can be put into a bottle in a large amount at a time, it is very convenient to enjoy or entertain guests, and even can be used to decorate the top of the cake.

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