Recipe: Bailey Sweet Cheesecake (free roast)

Home Cooking Recipe: Bailey Sweet Cheesecake (free roast)


I have been waiting for the Bailey Sweet Cheesecake for a long time. The liqueur of Irish whiskey and cream is mellow and mellow, and is blended with cream cheese to create a smooth and stretchy cheesecake.



  1. Digest the biscuit into crushed chips, add the melted butter and chocolate sauce and mix well. Pour into the bottom of the mold and press it with a spoon back to place it in the refrigerator.

  2. The cream cheese is softened by heating with water, and stirred with egg to make it smooth and smooth; the gelatin tablets are soaked in cold water, heated to a liquid state by water, and poured into a cheese paste to be evenly mixed;

  3. After the cheese paste is slightly cooled, add Baileys liqueur; add the whipped cream to the thick sugar and still flow, mix with the cheese paste and mix well, pour into the mold, and put it in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours; It can be decorated with cocoa powder or chocolate.


According to the formula of Si Si, the amount of wine is just right, the taste is perfect; I would like to thank you. The bottom of the biscuit can also be omitted; the above materials are suitable for 6 inch molds.

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