Recipe: Baiguo Yuzhu Hot Spring Egg Yogurt

Home Cooking Recipe: Baiguo Yuzhu Hot Spring Egg Yogurt


This warm succulent ~( ́∀`)~ My family likes to cook this syrup so that it is as smooth as soy milk, and the bean scent is particularly strong.



  1. Ginkgo peeled and peeled to remove the film, and yuba was soaked in cold water and torn into pieces of about 5 cm.

  2. Add rock sugar, ginkgo, and boil over the wok.

  3. After half an hour of simmering, add yuba and continue to cook for 20 minutes (longer or shorter time according to personal preference).

  4. Add the eggs and cook for 1.5-2 minutes to become a half-boiled egg.


* The thicker the yuba pick is, the more thoroughly it is cooked.

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