Recipe: Baguette

Home Cooking Recipe: Baguette


Recently dead 磕 磕! I used to collect a few sticks in the kitchen. I tried to do it several times. I probably didn’t want it, or there was no hole, or it was just a cut (no blink, hahahaha!) . I searched the video of the practice stick on the Internet two days ago and found that there is a foreign old lady who taught me that I have not seen it in the kitchen. I tried it today, and I have a blink of an eye and a hole. Haha, Chao satisfaction! When I found out, I found out that this recipe is not oily! ! ! Here are the recipes I have compiled according to the video, for the reference of the oily people who like the French bachelor. Some precautions are placed in the tips, so be sure to watch them. I didn't take a step chart this time. If I didn't forget it when I was doing it next time, I would take some pictures. The third revision of this recipe 2016-9-25.



  1. 6 g of dry yeast was added to 350 ml of ice water, stirred well and allowed to stand for 10 minutes.

  2. High-gluten flour The low-gluten flour is evenly mixed. Take 400g of mixed powder and add 5g of salt to mix evenly. Another 60-80 grams of flour will be used in step 4.

  3. Add half the amount of the mixed flour in step 2 to the settled yeast water and stir it into a smooth batter with an egg beater (the scraper I used). Cover the batter with a lid (the video is covered with a cloth, I use the glass lid, so that it is convenient to observe the change of the batter), and ferment in a warm place until the batter has more bubbles.

  4. Add the other half of the flour mixed in step 2 to the bubbling batter, and mix well. The dough is very viscous at this time. Add another 60-80 grams to the dough in 2-3 times and add while rubbing until the dough becomes less sticky, but still slightly sticky.

  5. Spread the flour on the panel (outside the serving size), remove the topped dough and put it on top for about 10 minutes to make the dough softer and more elastic. Steps 4 and 5 I let the chef do the work, saving the sticky side of the hand.

  6. Take a clean container, put a little vegetable oil in the container to prevent sticking, put the kneaded dough into it, cover it, and put it in the refrigerator for more than 12 hours until the dough becomes twice the size of the previous volume. The temperature of the refrigerator freezer is 5 degrees.

  7. The panel is dusted (outside the portion), the fermented dough is taken out, the dough is gently pressed into a cake shape with a finger joint, and the dough cake is divided into four portions by a scraper, and each portion is rounded into a ball.

  8. Take one of the doughs and stretch them into 15*8cm pieces by hand. Fold them from the bottom up, then fold the top down to form a three-fold, and press the folded down place. Fold the four doughs in turn.

  9. Repeat step 8 3-4 times, each time stretching the folding gap allows the dough to relax and avoid tearing the dough. After the last fold, the dough is shaped into a round strip.

  10. The shaped dough is fermented in a warm place for about half an hour. Take care to maintain the necessary humidity and temperature.

  11. Preheat the oven, 230 degrees or more (the maximum temperature of my oven is only 230 degrees), put an empty baking tray on the bottom of the oven, and put baking stone in the baking tray. The baking slab is placed in the middle of the oven and the preheating time is about 1 hour. Remove the plastic bag, sift a little flour on the dough surface (outside the portion), and then cut the dough surface with a sharp knife.

  12. Pour some hot water into the bottom baking tray of the preheated oven. Close the oven door for about 1-2 minutes, then put the baguette on the slate and bake for about 20 minutes to remove the color.


1. Step 3 must see the batter fermenting bubbles. 2. The water absorption of various brands of flour is different. Please adjust the amount of flour blended in step 4. The dough is soft and harder than the toast dough. 3, room temperature will affect the fermentation time of the dough, the summer room temperature is high, the fermentation time is short, the opposite is long, do not mechanically look at the time, depends on the fermentation of the dough. 4. The folding of the dough is the same as the three-fold method of shortening, and the fold is pressed tightly. 5. The surface of the dough is cut at a 45-degree angle with the dough. The direction of the knife is basically slightly inclined. Cut your mouth and you need to find out your skills. Cut the mouth to make it smart, and the big arm drives the arm. 6, my oven has four layers, the baking pan is placed on the bottom layer, the grilling net is placed on the third layer, and the slate is placed on the grilling net. If the oven has only three layers, pay attention to the observation when baking. If the surface color has reached a satisfactory level, please cover the tin foil in time.

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