Recipe: Bad sirloin

Home Cooking Recipe: Bad sirloin



  1. Burdock meat cold water pot boiled and washed out

  2. Adjust the pressure cooker to 40 minutes and press the sirloin. (Because the last is a bad halogen soak, so there is no need to do any treatment, no spice yellow wine, how to do lazy)

  3. After the burdock is completely cooled, slice it and pour it into a bottle of commercially available slag (I used it as the scented scent of the Baoding brand) and dip it for half an hour to one hour. It is also an excellent choice to make a cold dish.


Super lazy approach, because I like to eat braised burdock, but the production of brine is more complicated, so I use the bad halogen instead, the taste is the same as the lever

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