Recipe: Bad roast chicken heart

Home Cooking Recipe: Bad roast chicken heart


The first time is a big aunt (that is, my mother's biggest sister!) I am addicted to the food I eat. I like it very much. My family usually does bad hail chicken claws, bad edamame, what is the bad hail heart, really the first time. It’s very convenient to try to do it yourself at home this time~~ ⊂(˃̶͈̀ε ˂̶͈́ ⊂ )



  1. The heart of the chicken you bought is still a lot of blood. Clean the blood vessels and some white oil that are exposed outside. Cut the heart of the chicken (not completely into two halves). Wash the inside and the outside.

  2. Cut ginger slices! If you are afraid of cockroaches, cut a few more pieces and put them in the pot.

  3. Put the cleaned chicken hearts in the pot, pour the water, never pass the chicken heart, then dump the wine (I look at it myself, I fell down very heartily)

  4. There was a lot of foam in the first water burning meeting. Because of the chicken blood, I poured the water and then washed the heart with cold water. I poured water in the pot and burned for the second time.

  5. After the second boil, check that almost every chicken is cooked and thoroughly cooked. If you are afraid, you will not be cooked enough. You can burn for the third time (*ノωノ).

  6. Pass the cold water through the heart and drain. Look for a waterless container. Drain the cubes and cool them. Put them in a container (I took a sealed box)

  7. Open the broth, put the ginger into the container, pour in the bad brine and never pass the chicken heart. (Of course, babies who like other seasonings such as pickled peppers can also put them in the container.)

  8. Put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it the next day.


Nothing tricks Super easy!

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