Recipe: Bad pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Bad pepper


Cooking, cooking, cooking, and sipping water



  1. Fresh red pepper, ginger, pepper washed and dried

  2. Cutting board, kitchen knife, blender, container, washing and drying

  3. Cut the red pepper into pieces and put it into a blender to stir it. Stir the red beans to the size.

  4. Stir the ginger with a blender and stir it with the red pepper.

  5. Stir the red pepper, ginger, salt and white wine evenly, put them in the seal, and throw a few strings of green pepper into the sealed can at the same time to increase the fragrance. Be careful not to overfill it. After fermentation, it will rise a little. If you have space, you can still add ginger, quadrangular beans, cellar, etc. in the future.


Because it is an oil-free version, it is not allowed to be oily in every step of the kitchen knife, container, cutting board, etc., and every time you eat it, you should use a special spoon to lick it. The oil will be mildewed and deteriorated.

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