Recipe: Bad fish fillet

Home Cooking Recipe: Bad fish fillet


After coming to the north, the probability of eating aquatic products has dropped a lot, but I still can't help thinking. The steamed horse is always nothing to eat, so I want to change the practice. This dish with the smell of halogen and the savory taste of the fish fillet is the most suitable for eating in the most delicious season of the river.



  1. Bone the fish, slice it, use a knife faster, otherwise it will not form easily

  2. Put ginger, yellow wine, a little salt, white pepper, starch and egg white for about 15 minutes, take out the ginger

  3. The fungus is soaked, boiled in boiling water, drained for use

  4. Green pepper slice

  5. Put the oil in the pot and burn it until it is 7 minutes. Add the marinated fish fillets and quickly cut them out. When both sides turn white, remove them.

  6. Leave a little oil in the pot, heat it, add the green pepper fungus, stir fry, then put the oiled fish fillet, pour the bad halo, rice wine, add the right amount of salt, chicken essence, sugar stir fry for a while, pour the water starch, fire Hook, and finally pour a little sesame oil and mix it.


1. When frying the fish fillet, the movement is slightly softer, avoiding the fish fillet

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