Recipe: Bad chili egg fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Bad chili egg fried rice


The fried rice with sour and spicy taste is more delicious and refreshing!



  1. Prepare the materials: Adjust the egg liquid, and cut the minced garlic and diced green onion.

  2. Heat the oil pan to the appropriate amount of lard and heat it to 80% heat. Pour the egg mixture quickly and stir fry. Pour the eggs into the bowl after use without egg liquid.

  3. Pour a little minced garlic into a frying pan and stir fry. Add a small spoonful of chilli and sauté.

  4. Pour the rice into the pot and stir fry together with the bad peppers. After the rice is savoured, pour the eggs into the frying pan () and put a little salt or soy sauce according to each taste). Finally, add the diced green onion and stir fry twice.

  5. With a little homemade onion, the taste is more overbearing.

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