Recipe: Bacon venison rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon venison rolls


Venison is the most delicious food for American hunters in the annual hunting season. This dish was improved from the recipe of a hunting American friend. The venison used a white-tailed deer that was just hit that evening and took off two back straps. The deer hit in the afternoon, went home to make this venison roll, and poured a glass of bourbon, this is the most authentic life in the southern United States. If you can't buy venison, you can use pork loin instead.



  1. The venison has a hernia, and the way to remove the astringency is to put it in the ice. After two hours, the ice is turned into water and the water is drained.

  2. Cut the venison loin into a thin water surface, and finally do not cut it and spread it into large pieces of meat. Beat it with a hammer and loosen the fiber.

  3. Ginger is made into ginger juice and marinated with rosemary, salt and beer for ten minutes.

  4. Asparagus cut to the tail and water, stir-fry, cream cheese cut into strips

  5. Roll the cream cheese and asparagus with venison and roll it in the outer layer with bacon.

  6. Wrap the sushi curtain with plastic wrap, remove the wrap and wrap it in tin foil, and bake it on charcoal fire.

  7. After roasting, cut into pieces and sprinkle with mozzarella into the oven for 220 minutes for 8 minutes. While roasting with a sauce and lemongrass in a slightly concentrated sauce, sprinkle with sesame and caviar.

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