Recipe: Bacon Tomato Pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon Tomato Pasta


Pasta is one of our family's annual reserve foods. The taste of Bacon Tomato is the most often done by us. It is often and often never thought of passing it to the kitchen. The ingredients are simple and quick to do. Prepare a soup pot and a wok at the same time, cook the noodle soup, stir-fry the sauce. Sprinkle with cheese powder from the preparation to the plate, not for 20 minutes. Recommend girls to try it too~



  1. Boil a pot of water in the soup pot and add 2 tablespoons of salt to the water. After the water rolls, the pasta is placed vertically and spread out in a fan shape. (The face of the pasta is hard. At the beginning, not all the pasta can be immersed in the water, but it doesn't matter. The one end of the water is softened and the other end will slowly enter the water.) The fire is opened for 8 minutes. about. (Imported pasta bags will generally have a reference time for cooking noodles, the time of different thickness or even different brands of pasta is not the same, we refer to ourselves)

  2. While cooking the pasta, fry the two pieces of bacon in a non-stick pan until the crispy oil is served.

  3. The fried bacon is chopped and the tomato is cut into small pieces.

  4. Pour the tomato and bacon into the pot, use the bacon oil that has just been fried (if you don't have enough, add 1 small piece of butter) and stir fry until the tomato is softened, add a small bowl of water, add the appropriate amount of tomato sauce, black pepper, Mix the herbs and mix well. Cover the lid and cook the pasta sauce on a low heat.

  5. The pasta sauce is good to turn off the fire, and the pasta should be cooked too much. Remove the pasta from the stockpot and pour it into the saucepan of the pasta sauce to make the sauce completely absorbed on the pasta.

  6. Pasta dish, sprinkle with cheese crumbs, open to eat.

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