Recipe: Bacon Tomato Cheese Spaghetti

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon Tomato Cheese Spaghetti



  1. Put a pot of water, boil and then put the salt, then put the spaghetti down and cook for 8 minutes, then pick it up, use cold water to pass the cold river, put it up and stand by

  2. Cut the shredded bacon into a golden pan with a pan and pry it up

  3. Cut the tomatoes and onions into a pan of freshly fried bacon, stir fry, add salt and a little sugar, then put 2 bowls of water and cover the lid.

  4. After the tomato onions are boiled, add 1-2 slices of cheese and stir well.

  5. In the process, you can also use boiling water to put some oil and lick a few broccoli spare.

  6. Take a beautiful plate, put on the cold river spaghetti, topped with tomato and onion sauce, then sprinkle with fried bacon, put on broccoli, then put the high temperature in the microwave and smash the three points, get it

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