Recipe: Bacon tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon tofu soup


Difficulty: generally simple Time: 20 minutes Price: 5 yuan Weight: 2 servings Taste: savory



  1. Wash the bacon with warm water several times and cut into a diced shape

  2. After the tofu is washed, cut into 2X2X2cm cubes.

  3. After the oyster mushroom is cleaned, it is torn into small pieces.

  4. Put the tofu in boiling water for 1 minute, then remove it for use.

  5. Bacon diced cold water pot

  6. After boiling, turn to low heat and cook for another 5 minutes, then pour in tofu

  7. After the pot is opened, add oyster mushrooms and simmer for 2 minutes.

  8. Then add the right amount of salt and continue to cook until the oyster mushrooms are ripe.

  9. Add a small amount of chicken essence after turning off the fire

  10. Finally, pour a few drops of sesame oil and gently stir to eat.


Pre-master the saltiness of the bacon and adjust the amount of salt. For a while, everyone was not happy. The economic crisis has spread to almost all industries. It’s even more frightening for people like the wind to blow, and no one knows when the storm will end. He is a veteran of the design industry, with a keen mind and decisive action, and has been climbing up with his own efforts. The design industry is also divided and focused, so when he feels that he is in a state of saturation in a branch, he resolutely gives up his original work and jumps to a more challenging branch. Everything started was quite smooth, he was very careful, and the boss was quite appreciative. After a while, the horrible economic crisis hit, everyone began to worry about the rice bowl, but he was confident. It didn't take long before he came home and said to his wife: My wife, I was killed by the economic crisis! When he said this, he smiled and his wife mistakenly thought it was a joke. He said, really, because I entered the company at the latest. The wife pretended to take a picture of his shoulder easily, nothing, slowly find, do not have pressure. His smile reappeared, this time the wife read it, it was bitter. Not long after, he was spotted by a well-known big advertising company in the country and resumed his busy work. In the waiting time, he was confused and overwhelmed, and finally survived the difficulties with strength and resilience. This is a real experience that happened to my friend. Life accidents are not necessarily tragedies, but they can also be transitions. When you experience the trough, you will desperately think that this life may be like this. If you think so, you will always stay there and never see the sky. Try to think of such a time as a rare time to think about it, to review the past, what those should be insisted on, those who are wrong but can't admit it... To be honest with yourself, you can accumulate motivation and wait for the opportunity to climb out of the valley. Don't think that this story has nothing to do with the bacon tofu soup. If you don't add a few bacon, how can you know that the tofu can also have such a gorgeous turn.

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