Recipe: Bacon stir-fried cauliflower

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon stir-fried cauliflower


Appetizing fast food in the summer.



  1. The cauliflower is boiled into small water, soaked in salt water for 20 minutes, taken out and drained into a boiling water pot for 2 minutes, drained and drained.

  2. After the bacon is fried on a small fire, add the appropriate amount of cooking oil, then turn to the big fire and add the sautéed pepper. Add the cauliflower and add the appropriate amount of rice wine to the lid for 2 minutes. Sprinkle with the appropriate amount of salt and green garlic before the pot


1. Cauliflower contains more pesticides and small insects. It is effective to solve this problem by soaking in boiling water and boiled with boiling water. 2, bacon small fire fried fat and then add the right amount of cooking oil will make the dish more taste.

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