Recipe: Bacon stewed river bream

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon stewed river bream



  1. The river meat is bought (knocked), pinched with coarse salt, simmered, washed with water, so repeatedly remove mucus and dirt. After washing, rinse with water (cold water into the pot, add ginger, garlic, pepper, dried chili, cooking wine). Drain and use. Bacon, the pork belly part of the ribbed row I used, cut into small pieces with the boneless part. Hot pot, a little oil, put ginger slices, garlic, pepper, fragrant pot, first stir-fry the bacon, then put the meat, cooking wine, stir fry a few times, put the spring bamboo shoots, pour boiling water, pour the whole pot into the casserole or cast iron In the pot, boil over the fire, you can open the lid first, wait for the simmer to remove the foam, then cover and cook, add the ground white pepper and smash until the fire is thick, and close the fire. Add some cabbage before the pan, and turn off the fire with the onion. The soup color should be milky white soup.

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