Recipe: Bacon steamed tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon steamed tofu


There are always a lot of salted foods in the family every year. I always dislike them and they are salty and greasy. However, using bacon to make pickles, or steamed tofu, is a refreshing way I like. Especially steamed tofu, 20 minutes to get, is simply a must-have for home travel expenses. However, this dish depends to a large extent on the deliciousness of the bacon. My family's bacon is the mother's conscience. The selected salt of the mountain pig is not delicious.



  1. Bacon cut 3*3cm flakes, tofu cut three or four centimeters square block

  2. Use a deep mouth plate, the bottom of the plate tofu, sprinkle a small amount of salt (because my family's bacon is not very salty, you can increase the amount of salt in this step as appropriate), then put a layer of bacon on the tofu. Evenly pour the cooking wine.

  3. Steam on the steamer and steam for 15-20 minutes. Finished~

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