Recipe: Bacon soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon soup


My family has been shouting slogans for a long time to lose weight, only the soup and water dishes have never been rejected, as long as you like a word (☆ _☆)



  1. Wash and peel the taro with water for a while. The chicken legs are simmered in a cold water pot, and a spoonful of cooking wine is poured to the sputum, and the sputum is washed and ready for use. Slices of bacon or small pieces are fine.

  2. Cut the taro, cut the chicken leg meat and bacon into the casserole, ginger, onion, salt and throw it in. Let the fire boil, simmer for half an hour or more, and turn off the steamed noodles.

  3. In the final step, add chicken and parsley, and the delicious taro soup can be served on the table. The thin and thin bacon steamed and tasted almost, a little firewood, stewed hot but too beautiful ^_^


This steamed bread soup has no technical content, everyone will, and it tastes delicious, it is easy to be accepted by everyone, like a friend may wish to try ^_^

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