Recipe: Bacon scallop rolls and fried scallops with corn peas puree

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon scallop rolls and fried scallops with corn peas puree


This dish draws on the top three works of Masterchef's second season's mystery box challenge. Does it look gorgeous? But it is not complicated to do.



  1. The scallop column is thawed and washed, and then the kitchen paper towel is used to remove the surface moisture for use;

  2. Quick-frozen peas and sweet corn are cooked and placed separately;

  3. Bacon take a small section and cut into the end, do not put the oil directly in the pan until it is crispy and then take it out;

  4. Preparation of bacon scallop rolls: According to the size of the scallop column, cut the appropriate length and width of the bacon, then use the bacon to surround the scallop column and fix it with a toothpick;

  5. Preparation of fried scallops: Sprinkle a little black pepper and salt on both sides of the scallop column (bake salt), be sure to absorb the surface moisture;

  6. After the pan is heated, pour the olive oil into a small fire, add the bacon scallops and scallops, and keep the fire on a small fire;

  7. While frying, you can prepare pea puree: pour the peas into the blender, add the lemon juice and the soup, add two tablespoons of water, and beat the mud with a blender;

  8. Pay attention to the heat of the fried scallops. After frying until the micro-focus, use the clip to turn over the other side. If the scallop rolls are bun, you can place them horizontally. After the bacon is cooked, fry the sides of the scallops and determine the degree of browning on both sides of the scallop according to personal preference. However, it is not advisable to over-focus, otherwise the scallop meat quality will be too old;

  9. Plate 1: Place the corn kernels on the right side of the plate, sprinkle with a little bacon and freshly ground black pepper, then put a circle of peas around, then place the fried scallops on the corn kernels and sprinkle on top. a little bit of bacon

  10. Plate 2: Place the bacon scallops on the left side of the pea puree, sprinkle with a little lettuce on the top (there is better to have fresh parsley, which is not bought), then use the peas on the left side of the plate. Some embellishments (I am more ugly, please forgive me).


1, must use fresh or chilled scallops, do not work; 2. Peas and sweet corn can be fresh or frozen; 3, tableware, it is recommended to use a white rectangular flat chassis.

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