Recipe: Bacon roasted turkey

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon roasted turkey


In the eighth year of living abroad, I go to relatives for dinner every holiday. Every year, whether for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I eat roast turkey. The chicken is dry and thick, and it is not good at all. I started to try baking this year. The times are all grilled with ordinary chicken. This is the third attempt, using a turkey. I have seen countless recipes before, and I have found the best roast turkey recipe. The chicken breast is very juicy, not doing anything. The chicken legs are very slippery, the chicken is very fragrant. I really recommend!!!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: 3 days before roasting turkey: First deal with the turkey that you just bought. Thaw the turkey 1 day in advance (recommended: thawing the turkey in the lower layer of the refrigerator will not be so easy to breed bacteria)

    3 days before roasting turkey: First deal with the turkey that you just bought. Thaw the turkey 1 day in advance (recommended: thawing the turkey in the lower layer of the refrigerator will not be so easy to breed bacteria)

  2. 2 days before roasting turkey: Generally bought turkey, the chicken will be stuffed with a pack of internal organs and neck. Take them out and put them aside (can be used to cook other dishes or to cook meat straight, but This recipe is not used.) Then wash the turkey inside and out, then use the kitchen paper to dry the turkey outside and inside.

  3. 2 days before roasting the turkey: Cut the onion and apply the cut surface to the skin on the turkey surface about 2 - 3 times. Then massage the turkey with coarse salt and black pepper, add salt and black three times. Pepper, massage slowly. Try to take the whole turkey surface to the coarse salt and black pepper. Then use a shelf or an empty bottle to rack up the turkey, buttocks down. In order to drain the water that is not dried inside Put it in a basin, cover it with plastic wrap, and put it back in the fridge. (My turkey has been marinated for 2 days)

  4. Roasted turkey on the day: - Use your fingers to reach between the turkey skin and the chicken breast (make sure you don't poke the chicken skin!!!), slowly separate them. - Put the chicken wings up and then fold them back. - Pickle Mix the contents of material 2 and mix well.

  5. Knead the mixture in the marinade 2 into a small butterball, then slowly stuff it between the chicken breast and the chicken skin. Then hold the opening with one hand and slowly push the other hand inside the chicken skin. The butter. Repeat the steps a few times until the chicken breast is stuffed with butter. (Do not stuff too much, just use half of the marinade 2 we prepared), and finally apply the remaining butter mixture to the chicken. s surface.

  6. Cut the onion half, half into the gap inside the chicken body that blocks the chicken head. Then cut the apple into 4 portions, half a lemon without cutting, all stuffed into the chicken, and the chicken butt is stuffed with the other half of the onion. Then Use a rope to tie the chicken legs to fix.

  7. - Prepare a baking tray. Cut the garlic half, cut carrots, onions, and celery. Spread on the baking sheet. (If there is more material to buy, I don’t think it will be used again in the next few days. Cut and put in, such as the extra celery leaves, apples, all put in, because they will only increase the smell of the chicken, will not image its taste) - add half a bowl of water (not only can increase the oven Humidity, and the gravy after roasting will be more) - put the turkey on, sprinkle some sage powder and dried rosemary

  8. - Put in the oven, bake at 220 degrees for 15 minutes. Then turn to 170 degrees for about 2 hours. - Every half hour, use a spoon to pour the gravy on the bottom of the dish over the chicken.

  9. The time for roasting turkey is calculated as follows: Roast for about 20 - 25 minutes per kg. For example, the turkey I roast this time is about 6kg, so it is baked for 2 hours.

  10. 45 minutes before the completion, take the turkey out, and spread the bacon on the chicken surface. Put it back in the oven and continue to roast.

  11. - Don't worry when you are out! Take out the contents of it and put it on another dish. Cover it with tin foil and let it rest for half an hour. - The vegetables in the dish can be eaten. , but it will usually be thrown away, leaving only the gravy.- Use a small pot to boil the gravy and concentrate it - the turkey can be cut open after a little cold.

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