Recipe: Bacon risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon risotto


Lazy rice. Please ignore the ugly picture, the key is delicious, haha ​​^^



  1. The ratio of rice to millet is 2:1, and the ratio can be assigned according to your own preferences.

  2. Rice + millet, panned clean, put in rice cooker, press the cooking button.

  3. While cooking, you can slice the bacon and cut the green beans.

  4. Put a little oil in the pot, stir-fry the bacon, add the green beans after the color change, and cook the pan without cooking.

  5. Pour the fried meat + beans into the rice cooker, spread on the rice and continue to cook.

  6. After the cooking button jumps, hold it for a while. Then open the pan, stir the bacon beans and rice evenly, and the savory risotto is ready.


1, salty meat has a salty taste, you do not need to put salt, and the amount of bacon should be seen depends on the saltiness of bacon. 2, students who do not like oil, bacon and beans can also be fried, directly in the rice cooker.

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