Recipe: Bacon risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon risotto



  1. Cook rice under the normal cooking method. Bacon is washed with boiling water and washed with green onion.

  2. When the rice is opened, put the bacon in, and then cover it and continue to cook. Mix the chopped green onion and soy sauce.

  3. After the meal is finished, sprinkle the chopped green onion on the rice noodles, and then cover it for another five minutes. Just a pot of fragrant bacon rice will be fine. Mix the rice and bacon before eating and then raise it.


Bacon is best cut thinner, so it is not so greasy to eat, soy sauce does not need too much, because the bacon itself has a taste, more salty, plus soy sauce is mainly a bit better color. The picture I took is that I haven't added chopped green onion yet, and the color has not yet come out. I use a rice cooker. If you like Jiaoxiang, you can use a small corrugated pot. There will be a little bit of coke at the bottom. It is very fragrant. I am afraid that I will use the rice cooker.

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