Recipe: Bacon rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon rice


The eleven went to the phoenix to bring back the bacon. I wanted to drool when I looked at it. The teacher said that this is his favorite meal. It has a taste and taste, and the fragrance is endless~



  1. Wash rice with water and soak for a few hours

  2. Bacon is steamed in a pot for about 15 minutes so that the bacon can be softer and more flavorful.

  3. Remove the steamed bacon, cut into thin slices, set aside

  4. Wash the vegetables and cut into small pieces

  5. Wash the mushrooms and cut into thin slices

  6. From the oil pan, when the oil is ripe, add ginger and stir fry, add the bacon, stir fry the scent, then pour the chopped greens and mushrooms, stir fry slightly, pour the rice into the sauce, keep on Stir fry, you can add a little salt, wait until a little water, turn off the fire

  7. Pour the fried bacon, mushrooms, rapeseed and rice into the rice cooker, add a little warm water, and cook the rice in the normal procedure of the rice cooker.


1. Do not add too much water when warming the water at the end, because the rice itself has been soaked, the vegetables are also fried when the stir fry, and the rice added too much will be too bad. 2. The salt does not need to be added too much, and the bacon itself has a salty taste.

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