Recipe: Bacon, red bean, rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon, red bean, rice



  1. Red beans, glutinous rice, barley kernels, black rice soaked for 5 hours in advance

  2. Bacon is washed with water, then placed in a boiling water pot, boiled for a few minutes, removed, sliced

  3. Wash celery, diced; carrot washed, diced

  4. Put the soaked red beans, glutinous rice, barley kernels, black rice and rice, bacon, carrot, and celery into a rice cooker and add water. Press the cooking button. When you are ripe, add a little fuel and cook.


1. Bacon should be cleaned. 2, put it into the boiling water pot, lick it. Both of these steps are to remove harmful substances such as added substances and nitrites to reduce the content of harmful substances. So before using bacon to make dishes, these two steps cannot be omitted.

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