Recipe: Bacon 焗 pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon 焗 pasta


Comparable to the delicious Western restaurant



  1. Cut the onions, tomatoes, and bacon

  2. After the pasta is cooked, put it in cold water and make up for it.

  3. After the pot is heated, put the butter, and after the butter is melted, put the onion and fry, then add the tomatoes and bacon in order.

  4. Put the tomato sauce in and stir well, then add black pepper powder and salt to turn off the heat.

  5. Remove the pasta and control the moisture, put it in the saucepan and mix well.

  6. Place the mixed pasta into the container and sprinkle a layer of cheese on the surface.

  7. The oven is warmed up and down at 180 degrees, the pasta is placed in the middle layer, and it is baked for about 5 or 6 minutes. After the cheese is melted, the surface will appear golden yellow.


1) After the pasta is cooked, put it in warm water and soak it. 2) The temperature of each oven is different. When the cheese is melted, the surface becomes golden yellow and baked. 3) Pasta sauce can also add other meats according to your preference.

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