Recipe: Bacon, onion, chopped squash

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon, onion, chopped squash


Autumn, the season of pumpkin ripening, especially in North China, a wide variety of pumpkins, is a very easy to get ingredients. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin B and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other nutrients. It is an ideal food for mothers to supplement calcium. I like this dish, soft pumpkin with onions and a small amount of bacon, a bit like Western-style dishes, fresh and salty taste, suitable for the autumn when the appetite is right with the staple food, warm feeling.



  1. Cut the pumpkin, cut the bacon into the right size, chop the onion

  2. Put a small amount of oil in the pot, when the 60% is hot, the bacon is fried and the onion is fried and soft.

  3. Put in the pumpkin pieces, add water without pumpkin, add salt, cook for 20 minutes on fire.

  4. Add a little pepper to the pumpkin soft palate and serve!


1. Pumpkin chooses the kind of turquoise skin, light green 瓤 is better, made more tangible. 2. Add the onion to make it richer, cover up the bacon's bacon flavor, if you don't like the onion, you can't add it. 3. This dish basically does not need any seasoning, the original taste of the food is very good.

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