Recipe: Bacon lettuce

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon lettuce


Fast lazy Cai + light weight loss essential! ! ! The most amazing thing is! ! ! ! ! Unexpected meal! ! ! ! ! ! The same method applies to cabbage (hahaha is a cabbage)



  1. The garlic is cut into garlic, the pepper is chopped, the lettuce is washed and shredded, and used.

  2. Cut the bacon into small pieces (optional), put less oil in the pot, and fry the bacon to the pan. If you like a little focus, you can cook it for a while. Stand out.

  3. Leave the base oil, if it is not enough, add a small amount of oil, and the garlic is sautéed.

  4. Pour in the lettuce, squash with a shovel, stir fry, and then squash, stir fry in this way.

  5. It didn't take long for the lettuce to be compiled and it would come out. At this time, pour the prepared bacon and add salt. (People who like it can also put a small amount of fuel.)

  6. You can cook it again after a while.


I wanted to use the kind of bacon that would be used in the restaurant, but I didn’t buy it, so it looks like shredded pork... but the taste is not too bad, because it is mainly the smell of meat.

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