Recipe: Bacon, fried vegetables, moss

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon, fried vegetables, moss


This dish is the favorite of Dad. As long as there is it on the table, Dad can kill three bowls of rice, so be sure to recommend it. In fact, to be honest, my aunt doesn't like to eat vegetable moss, and it is still the kind that she doesn't like it. Why do you reject this green vegetable that 90% of people like? I can't think of a reason myself. Maybe it's the same as getting along with someone. It's obvious that that person is not ugly and not annoying, but you just don't like it. Maybe it's called no fate! Haha... Let's talk about the selection of vegetable moss - fresh and good vegetable moss, the stem should be bright purple, there are not too many insect eyes on the leaves, the main stem can not be too thick, too thick vegetable moss is generally old, eat it up Not fresh.



  1. The vegetable moss is picked and washed, the bacon is sliced, and the dried pepper is cut and ready for use.

  2. Heat the wok and pour the right amount of oil. Don't be too much, because after a while, you will get a little oil from the bacon. Don't be too little, because the vegetable moss eats oil, most of the green vegetables with leaves are eaten with oil. It is not good to use big fires, so it is better than ordinary cooking.

  3. The oil is burnt to 70% heat, and the bacon is smelted until the bacon becomes transparent. The color is slightly yellow, and it can be rolled up slightly.

  4. Under the dry pepper refining

  5. When the temperature to be measured reaches 10%, pay attention not to make the peppers refining, and enter the vegetable moss.

  6. Stir-fry over the fire, don't rush to put salt, stir the salt in the green vegetables and put a pot of water early.

  7. When the leaves are basically smashed, put two spoonfuls of salt, stir-fried green vegetables such as cabbage and spinach, which can only enlarge half a spoonful of salt. Why do you want to put two spoonfuls of salt in the moss? This is the characteristic of this dish. Moss eats salt, and this dish is salty and spicy, so it has more salt than the average dish.

  8. Then stir up a few times, add chicken essence, pepper, you can start the pan, is it very fragrant?

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