Recipe: Bacon fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon fried rice


This is the revision of the golden fried rice of Nanhu Taste Congee City. With the addition of dried radish and the invisible egg, there are several levels in the taste, and there is more connotation. really tasty. Of course, radish control will like it.



  1. Get ready for the overnight cold meal. Carrots, onions, bacon, etc.

  2. Beat the eggs with less salt

  3. Carrots are peeled and chopped, and all other ingredients are chopped

  4. Look at the oil in the pot and see the heat

  5. Pour the bacon

  6. Then pour the chopped radish and stir fry

  7. Pour the chopped carrots into the pan and stir well

  8. Pour in rice and stir well

  9. Beat the beaten egg and stir it with chopsticks. Pour evenly into the middle of the fried rice and continue to stir.

  10. Next, season. Pour a small amount of soy sauce, about half a tablespoon

  11. Pour another half a spoonful of fuel

  12. a little salt

  13. There are not too few white pepper powder, stir well

  14. After turning off the heat, use the remaining temperature, pour the chopped green onion, turn it over, and add some sesame oil to the pan.


Fried rice is served with cold rice, not overnight, it should not be very important.

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