Recipe: Bacon fried potato chips

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon fried potato chips


Every year, the Chinese New Year bacon is essential. The new year's goods are frozen in the refrigerator for a whole year. It is not easy to store with ordinary meat. But the bacon is cooked and sliced. Many people are not used to the taste. Therefore, cooking with bacon can not only save fuel. Rich taste



  1. Bacon, potatoes, carrots

  2. Hot pot, use a small fire to pour the bacon until the meat is fried into golden yellow.

  3. Put the pepper into the saute

  4. Potato chips, carrot slices, fried to bright

  5. Pour in soy sauce, stir fry until the potatoes are colored evenly.

  6. If you like to eat the noodles, cover the lid and simmer for a while.

  7. Put the salt and stir well. Because the bacon itself is salty, it has been put in the soy sauce.


After the potatoes are cut, soak the starch in cold water for 20 minutes to prevent the stick.

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