Recipe: Bacon fried peas

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon fried peas


After the Dutch beans are cooked, the color is green and crisp. It has the functions of anti-cancer, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory, and enhances metabolism. The rich cellulose contained in it has a bowel effect.



  1. After the ends of the Dutch bean are torn, cleaned

  2. Put salt in the water, boil it and add it to the Dutch bean curd for 30 seconds, then remove the cold water in the cold water.

  3. Bacon cut small pieces; garlic cut into foam

  4. Heat the wok and put the oil in the wok. After the garlic is sautéed, put in the bacon and fry until the oil overflows.

  5. Pour in the drained peas and fry for 2 minutes.

  6. Put a little salt, seasoning, and then pan


1. Alfalfa almost has this rule: put salt in the water, put the vegetables in the water, and then remove them and put them in cold water, so that the dishes are not old, and they can still maintain the emerald green color. 2, because the bacon itself has grease, so the oil should be appropriate. 3, because the bacon itself has a salty taste, so the salt should be appropriate.

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