Recipe: Bacon fried kale

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon fried kale


Bacon is a good thing. When you are too lazy to be a "hard dish" but want to eat something, you can come in handy. Just fry and fry is delicious, and the nutrition is more balanced with vegetables.



  1. Place the bacon in a pan, fry over medium heat, and wash the kale for later use.

  2. After the bacon is fried on both sides, it is cut into small pieces.

  3. Stir the kale with the oil from the bacon just fried, and add the proper amount of salt and oyster sauce.

  4. Put in the bacon, stir well and let out.


1. This dish does not need to drain oil, Bacon will produce a lot of oil, it will be very fragrant. 2. The salt should be placed in the case of fried kale. After adding the bacon, there is no need to put salt, because the bacon itself is very salty.

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