Recipe: Bacon fried garlic

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon fried garlic


There are always two or three days a week to go home to cook and eat, and return to home around 6:30, it is not easy to eat dinner before 7:30. 1 hour to choose dishes, wash vegetables, cooking is very nervous, so I will choose a simpler cooking. Cooking takes a short time, usually only 5 minutes.



  1. Wash the garlic and control the water. Bacon cut into strips

  2. Heat the wok, add the cooking oil, and sauté the ginger.

  3. Put in the bacon and fry until the oil is released.

  4. Transfer to salt, soy sauce, soy sauce

  5. Put a little bit of oil on the pan


1. If you don't use bacon, switch to fat and thin meat, so that it is delicious enough. 2, do not add water when frying, or cover the lid, so that the garlic moss can not be yellow, and maintain a crisp taste 3, garlic moss is not easy to taste, add soy sauce can add salty color

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