Recipe: Bacon fried asparagus

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon fried asparagus


The boiled asparagus is healthy but has a slight bitter taste (according to her husband). Then the recipe is the most classic single-boiled asparagus, or the bacon, which is not enough to use the toothpick. The asparagus must be drowned before the water is fresh and fresh, and the aunt is crumpled. This time I am going to have a braised fried bacon with asparagus. The quality of the asparagus is very important. Remember to use the nails to look at the old and not to say fine. The asparagus is tender, but some thick asparagus is tender and delicious.



  1. Bacon cut into strips

  2. Put a little bit of oil, 煸Bacon, medium heat, oil, micro-focus

  3. 煸Bacon's work, clean up the asparagus, cut to a diamond shape

  4. Wait for the bacon, the coke, the asparagus, or the middle fire, stir fry for a while.

  5. Put black pepper, salt, continue to fry, because there is no drowning, so the time is longer. You can see if the cut surface is translucent. The translucent must be cooked. You can also taste it.

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