Recipe: Bacon Egg & Ham Roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon Egg & Ham Roll



  1. Prepare materials

  2. Bacon into a non-stick pan, both sides of a small fire fry (there is no need to add oil in the pot, the bacon itself has oil, to be fried, because the bacon itself is raw)

  3. Add chopped green onion with black pepper and a pinch of salt. Add chopped green onion and black pepper to remove the egg tart. The salt should be added less or not, because the bacon itself has a salty taste, you can add a little water, and the fried egg skin will be more Tender, not easy to break when rolling

  4. Do not use additional oil in the non-stick pan, use the oil from the fried bacon to spread the egg skin. Put the egg mixture into the non-stick pan, shake the pot and spread it evenly. Simmer until the egg skin is slightly solidified

  5. When the egg skin is not completely solidified, put the bacon and fry it for a while. When the egg skin is almost solidified, use a blade to help the egg roll roll up. After rolling up, fry on both sides to prevent the egg roll from being cooked. It can also make the egg roll better shaped. (When frying, be sure to have a small fire. Otherwise the egg skin is easy to burn. The egg skin cannot be fried too old. Otherwise, it will be easy to break when the volume is rolled. It will be hot when the volume is rolled. You can turn off the fire first, and it will be much better with the blade.

  6. The ham is processed in the same way as the bacon, and it is rolled into egg rolls. (The ham does not have the oil of bacon. When the omelet is fried, you can add some salad oil. It is best to wipe the non-stick with oil on the kitchen paper. 7 After the egg rolls are slightly cool, cut into pieces

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