Recipe: Bacon Chow Meal

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon Chow Meal


A clam meal near the end of the door has eaten a lot. I found that the rice in their house is particularly delicious. I have studied this bacon clam rice (in fact, you can also add dishes according to your own taste).



  1. Rice and glutinous rice are washed and put into the pot. The amount of water is not enough for the index finger.

  2. Cook for 10 minutes on high heat and drain the sliced ​​bacon. Then continue to cook, the volume of the rice begins to swell, and the smell of bacon flies out.. Then pour a circle of peanut oil along the edge of the pot.

  3. Then turn the small fire into the vegetables, corn, and a variety of side dishes in turn (pay attention to hot hands).

  4. Cover the lid and rub it for 5~10 minutes. Turn off the fire when the vegetables are slightly discolored. Pour the soy sauce and sprinkle with millet pepper. Ready to eat.


Be sure to pay attention to hot meals, especially when it is cold and hot. The rice has been absorbed by the soy sauce. The taste is not particularly strong.

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