Recipe: Bacon Cheese Rice Ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon Cheese Rice Ball



  1. Bring the cooked rice out of a small bowl, add a small amount of black pepper and olive oil, and then knead into 6 small rice balls.

  2. Six pieces of bacon strips are prepared, about 4*15cm.

  3. 3 slices of square cheese, cut from the middle, into 6 pieces, about 4*7cm.

  4. Spread the cheese slices on the bacon strips. The cheese pieces are basically half the length of the bacon strips, then put on the rice balls and roll them up.

  5. 6 rolls of bacon cheese rice balls are fried in a pan, slow down with less oil and low heat, fry until one side is slightly discolored, and fry. Both sides are discolored, and the pan is loaded.


Children love to eat. If you don't have enough taste, you can add less salt during bibimbap.

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