Recipe: Bacon Cheese Pasta Sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon Cheese Pasta Sauce


Bacon-mac-and-cheese sauce A sauce recipe for this restaurant at the Municipal Bar + Dining Company. So the pictures are also used by their family~ here I reduced the amount to the amount of pasta sauce for one person. This sauce is brought to the burger by this restaurant, but of course it can also be used as a sauce for pasta. This is the taste of the more traditional American game day food, which means that the fat is high, which is not conducive to weight loss...but it is just like the food of the sauce purple is enough to satisfy the taste. Sometimes it is OK to come once again~



  1. Bacon cut into small pieces, chopped garlic and onion

  2. Boil the bacon to a crispy golden color in a non-stick pan, turn off the fried bacon, and leave the fried oil in the pan.

  3. Stir-fry the onion and garlic with the remaining oil from the fried bacon

  4. Add the flour slowly to the pan and stir. Evenly add milk and cheese and cook for a while until a sauce, add a little salt and pepper to taste

  5. Finally, add the fried bacon before mixing and evenly.


×Additional butter is added to the original recipe. I think it is too fat and it is omitted. × When I was doing it, I grabbed a small amount of flour and added it. There is no specific calculation, so you can do it yourself. × Cheese I use cheddar, I feel very good, you can choose. The most authentic should be a mix of cheddar and american. × As a pasta sauce, you can finally sprinkle a little parsley.

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