Recipe: Bacon Cheese 焗 Pasta

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon Cheese 焗 Pasta


For the first time, I wanted to make a pasta, but I tried to use cheese without whipped cream. I didn’t expect the effect to be quite amazing~~



  1. First add the boiled noodles, add some salt after the water is opened, then put the pasta into the pot, don't break the noodles. Cook according to the time on the package, remove and put in the pot and add the right amount of olive oil to stir (without olive oil, put it directly into cold water)

  2. Heat the butter in a wok, add the butter to the butter, and add the bacon to the golden

  3. Add milk, corn, salt, salt, simmer, cook until the broth is a little thick, add pasta and two pieces of cheese. Stir well and serve.


You can also put some black pepper, taste the personal preference. If you don't like too salty, put less salt. Because bacon is also a bit salty.

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