Recipe: Bacon celery

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon celery


This dish neutralizes the greasy taste of bacon with water celery, while the bacon's scent of celery is evaporated! 捎 bring the taste of pepper! Rice is burned....



  1. Heat the oil in the pan, (I choose the bacon is the pork belly, the oil is a little under the primer to make it O) 5% hot, the bacon stir fry until 8 mature to be used.

  2. Bottom oil (I choose the bacon is more fat, the bottom of the pot is more oil, according to the actual situation, such as oil should add some oil, otherwise it will be shabu-shabu), first ginger, garlic, then into the pepper, cress. Put a little salt (Bacon itself is more salty, see personal preference plus salt)

  3. When the cress goes to the green, mix the bacon and stir fry together! Put a little chicken powder (personal preference), scallions. Stir fry evenly.


This dish should not be too salty, too much salt will mask the scent of bacon!

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