Recipe: Bacon bracken

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon bracken


This is the specialty that Scorpion brought back from Hunan! I know that I love to eat these, haha, I really have a heart, thank you! I especially like to eat the bacon in Hunan. I personally think that it is more flavorful than the bacon in Guangdong. It’s better to add spicy peppers!



  1. The fern is first boiled in soft water, drained and drained.

  2. Steamed bacon cut into pieces for use

  3. Hot oil pan, first put garlic, then fry the bacon

  4. To the scent, add a little soy sauce, sugar and salt to taste; pour the bracken together and stir well

  5. Finally, the next parsley will be served.


The fern must be soaked in water beforehand. If you want to be fast, use boiled water!

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