Recipe: Bacon asparagus with milk sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon asparagus with milk sauce


Simple quick-faced pasta ~ Bacon and asparagus taste very good, is a classic match. No need for cream, healthy low card~



  1. Put salt in the pot and pour the pasta. The ratio of water to salt is 1 L of water: 15 g of salt. In the first 10 seconds of the pasta, put the asparagus into the water.

  2. Pour the olive oil and garlic into the pan and remove the garlic. Put in bacon and continue to fry.

  3. Add the flour and fry until the flour is melted. Add milk and stir.

  4. Slowly cook until a little sticky. Put the garlic in.

  5. Put the pasta and asparagus in the pan, mix well. Finally sprinkle with pepper and cheese powder.


Garlic should be careful not to burn, and discoloration will be taken out.

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