Recipe: Bacon asparagus rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon asparagus rolls


Adding honey and garlic, it sounds weird, and it is delicious.



  1. Garlic chopped up

  2. The asparagus removes the old part of the root (the cockroach is always old), cuts the long section inside 3-4 (or can show two ends when the bacon is rolled up), then boils the water and is cooked in the water (slightly sprinkle some salt) After filtering off the water

  3. Bacon cut, put the asparagus in it (I pack 2-3 asparagus), use a toothpick to pass the bacon and asparagus, so that it will not fall apart when fried or grilled (if the toothpick is too hot, it will not be paste, not recommended) If the roast is roasted, the asparagus has no water.)

  4. Open the hot pot, pour in the garlic, stir fry, do not fry (middle fire), pour the prepared bacon asparagus rolls, simmer evenly, fry the bacon oil, after two micro-focus, honey two tablespoons to transfer water, open fire Go down, stir fry, you can start the pot.

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