Recipe: Bacon asparagus rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon asparagus rolls


Asparagus, known as the "King of Vegetables", contains rich protein, amino acids and vitamins. The most important thing is that it contains trace element selenium, which is now appearing more and more frequently on the table. Asparagus is meager and fragrant, wrapped in a fragrant bacon, suitable for shades.



  1. Boil a pot of water, add salt, olive oil, and boil;

  2. After the asparagus is cleaned, take the upper half and cut it about 10cm long. Pour it into the pot and boil for about one to two minutes. Take it out and put it into the cold water prepared in advance.

  3. Bacon is cut to a length of about 15cm, and 2-3 asparagus are wrapped in bacon for use;

  4. Pour a little olive oil into the pan, tidy the processed bacon rolls into a pan, fry over medium heat, fry until golden brown, continue frying until golden brown, remove the plate and sprinkle with ground black pepper. .


1. Put some salt in the water of the asparagus. It is twice as much as the soup. When cooked, immerse it in cold water immediately, otherwise the asparagus will be too soft. 2. If you like milky taste, you can change the olive oil into butter, and the child will prefer it.

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