Recipe: Bacon and pickled porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon and pickled porridge


The roommate returned to the bacon and pickles brought back by his hometown in Sichuan. It’s too much to miss this taste.



  1. After the rice is washed and cleaned, it can be cooked according to the steps of cooking rice porridge.

  2. Sausage washed and sliced

  3. Probably rice is cooked until seven matures, and the sliced ​​bacon is put in, and it is good to cook until the rice is flowered.

  4. In the end, we can put it in the pickles and mix it before eating it.


Bacon and pickles are made by the grandmother of the roommate themselves. The taste and taste are different from those sold outside. The pickles here are radish pickles and can be replaced with other No more salt, because bacon and pickles have a salty taste inside. Be sure to eat hot~~~

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