Recipe: Bacon and mushroom rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon and mushroom rice


There is a lack of materials, and only when the rice cooker is cooked! = =



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Washed rice in a rice cooker, not too much water

    Washed rice in a rice cooker, not too much water

  2. Soak the dried mushrooms, the mushrooms and bacon are chopped, the red and green peppers are cut into circles, and put together in the pot.

  3. Turn off the rice cooker, and when the water is just collected, put the eggs in.

  4. When the egg is solidified or the pot jumps, it is drenched.

  5. Just boring for a while! !


1. The bacon I use is wide-style, so it is not very salty. You can eat more. 2, red pepper is a little spicy is the best, because a little spicy really more fragrant! 3, must use dried mushrooms! ! ! ! 4. If the egg is not good, hit the cup or bowl first, then carefully pour it into the pot ==

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