Recipe: Bacon and fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon and fried rice


When I didn't bring a lunch on the previous working day, I often asked my colleagues to go to a small restaurant nearby for lunch. Not to mention that the boss and the couple are kind and easygoing, his 6 yuan a piece of bacon meat fried rice is not hard, not oily, not tired, I always eat it...



  1. The vegetables are washed and chopped; the bacon is first salted with water to remove salt, and then cut into silk;

  2. Stir the bacon from the oil pan until it is oily. Add 1 scoop of water to cook until it is dry. Use the remaining oil in the pan to stir the vegetables until they are broken.

  3. Pour the original pot into the cold rice, stir fry, add salt, pour a little water; stir until the rice is hot and the rice is scattered. Pour in the bacon and greens and stir well. Add a little chicken before the pot.


If the bacon is bought by a salted shop, it is best to dip it with water for a while; it can make the meat softer and lower the saltiness, which is more suitable for fried rice; the rice used for fried rice, whether it is overnight or the same day It must be a cold meal; in this way, it is easy to heat evenly when cooked, and it will be soft and delicious when eaten.

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