Recipe: Bacon and braised pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon and braised pork



  1. Cut the pork belly into even squares;

  2. Roll into the boiling water and remove the moisture;

  3. Heat the wok, add the pork belly to the dried water, stir fry over medium heat, and remove the fried oil.

  4. After the oil is basically dried, the meat surface is yellow, and the rock sugar is poured into it. The garlic ginger, the star anise, the chopped red pepper continue to stir fry.

  5. Wait until the sugar is basically fried. Before the pot wants to smoke, add the boiled water without the meat.

  6. After ten minutes, turn to a small fire, add a little salt, stew until the broth is basically dried, stir fry a few times, the surface color is golden, and the pot is slamming, then the pot is immediately.

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