Recipe: Bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Bacon


In memory, the most impressive dish is the salty meat that was eaten in the local area when Haining was watching the tide. It took less than three days to travel, and I remembered nothing after eating it. I only remembered this dish...



  1. The whole piece of bacon meat is cooled in a cold water pot, and the water is removed for salty treatment; after the water is opened, it is boiled for about 10 minutes to be cooled and cut into pieces;

  2. Thick lobes are cut into strips or flakes, boiled in a pot and boiled for a few minutes to remove the smell of soybean meal;

  3. Put the bacon and thick veggies together in a casserole, add water to 2/3 of the ingredients, cover and cook for 15 to 20 minutes, let the taste of the bacon be separated, and the thousands of absorbing the soup will be softer and softer. Can go to the table...


Salted products must be salted before cooking, so as to minimize the intake of nitrite and eat safely; boiled bacon can be said to be the key to this dish, cooked to a brackish taste, meat quality is not bad When eating mouth can still retain the characteristics of bacon, it is just right; and thick pages are good at absorbing flavor, the more cooked in the soup, the softer it is to taste delicious...

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